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                                                                   ~APRIL SHOWERS~

As we approach the hotter months, it's important to hydrate. Yes hydrate! Not just our flowers, but our organs! There have been numerous topics of late on Kidney Stones and why is there an influx. Is it the diet one questions? I've noticed Whole Foods Plant based eaters in my facebook groups who are questioning if this is the right diet for them. It's sad to see that they are actually questioning their decision. I too have experienced Kidney Stones only after switching my diet to a Whole Foods Plant based way of eating. I too questioned is it that I am eating too many oxalates or not eating enough dairy.

But, then I realized lets take this one step at a time. Leading up to my one and only experience of Kidney Stones I realized I was NOT hydrated. There are so many times I'd leave the house and do NOT drink water. I do NOT like water. It's NOT very often I drink water. Coffee and teas in my opinion do NOT count. Also at the time it was probably one of the most stressful time of year, hence, eating a lot of potato chips. Which, I never eat potato chips. The increase of salt is probably the 2nd worse thing one can do for Kidney stones. Additionally, hospitals are having an infux of children that are NOT WFPB experiencing Kidney Stones. Kids whom are active in sports or other activities and who are NOT drinking water.

If you refer to Dr. Gregor's he goes into great detail of the cause of Kidney Stones are numerous studies on why Kidney Stones form. Someone whom is Whole Foods Plant Based or NOT should first drink a lot of water 10 to 12 cups, reduce salt intake, reduce acid type foods, and eat more fruits & vegetables. Note, there are more incidents of Kidney Stone formation with whom are eating animal based products.

Per Dr. Gregor "To summarize, the most important things we can do diet-wise are to drink 10 to 12 cups of water a day, reduce animal protein, reduce salt, eat more fruits, and more vegetables."

From my own experience I truly believe drinking more water has helped me to NOT ever have another episode. The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a tall glass of water with a lemon slice (or lemon concentrate juice), I bring a 24 oz glass bottle to work, drink another 10 oz during lunch, another 24 oz glass bottle in the afternoon, another 10 oz for dinner and the last 10 oz before bed. In my research I have found that if you do NOT hydrate your organs you actually can cause Kidney disease. Since hydrating and seeing my Urologist I have had significant improvements in my Kidney function.

While on the topic of hydration, drink water responsibly. Be sure it is quality water, NOT water in a plastic bottle! If you'd like to have clean filtrated water as possible, please check out our website for a variety of water filtration and purifiers available at

Stay Healthy & Hydrated!~

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DISCLAIMER: Please do your own research on the correct amount of water intake or the correct diet for you as I am not a medical professional.

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