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About Us

Our wish is to provide a website that offers to the best of our ability healthy natural products that supports a healthier life style. We started our business to help you make better choices and easier to find healthier products in one place.
My husband and I changed our life style to eating organic foods, plant-based, minimized toxic plastics in our home, to using healthier products in our every day living and it was a challenge. It took time and research of where to find those products. Honestly, I am still struggling in some areas.
Our goal is to provide products that are plant basedⓥ, environmental friendly (as much as possible), geared towards promoting Fitness, Wellness & everyday Healthy Living! 
We hope to grow our site expanding our product offerings so please check back or send us an email of what you would like for us to carry! If you are a manufacturer or supplier, please reach out!~ 
Happy Healthy Living!~♡ 
Best Life Now LLC
Best Life Now