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It's All About LOVE 

This time of the month while focusing on LOVE and Valentine's Day remember it's not just about your love ones. It's primarily about loving yourself first to be there for others. It's about making sure you are emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy. So lets begin.

In order to love yourself hopefully by now you have cleaned out your cabinets, freezer and fridge mentioned in our January issue. Now it's about creating healthy habits with eating, exercising, a form of meditating and sleeping. 

Lets start with eating for this month, the rest will be continued in future blogs. Now that you have the products replenished (hopefully) in your kitchen perhaps find a meal planner to help keep you on track. I've recently started Forks Over Knives Meal Planner www.my.forksmealplanner.com  and it is wonderful! There is a try it for free period if you'd like to get a feel for how it works. It is extremely intuitive with the changes you make it will update your shopping list. You can change the servings, you can switch in and out recipes. There are so many options to chose from. All geared towards Whole Foods Plant Based eating. I highly recommend this app, but I'm sure there are plenty of others you can try. 

Another option is to find an app that will keep your recipes all in one spot. Paprika is a really great app, but I'm sure there are many others that will do the same. For this purpose I will speak of Paprika as that is my choice of app. Whenever I am on the internet or searching through Pinterest I can save the recipe right into Paprika and create as many categories I like giving me a go to list of healthy options I've created. You can even rate each of the recipes so you know which ones you prefer over the other.

Then, there is of course Pinterest. Honestly, that is where I find most of my recipes all plant based of course. Pinterest has even made it easy to create boards and subcategories within that board so you can have your own personal filing system of heart healthy foods. 

Now speaking of heart healthy foods. This truly is a great generation of helpful resources at our fingertips. I really suggest checking out Youtube and Netflix. It's amazing how we can even access these sites through our tv. Subscribe on Youtube to all the amazing Doctors or science based researchers or watch documentaries out there all on the topic of health. There are so many great ones Dr. Gregor at www.nutristionfacts.org, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Colin Campbell, Dr. Ornish, Dr. Pam Popper and so many more at your finger tips. Take the time to do your research and watch some of these great pioneers! 

It's never too late to take action and turn around whatever ailment you are experiencing. I believe most people either wait till something happens to change their habits or think it won't happen to them or afraid it's just too late. It's never too late! Dr. Esselstyn has examples of people with heart damage reversing their heart disease, there are examples of reversing diabetes, there are examples of lowering your cholesterol simply by making yourself a priority, by doing the research and by preparing to put yourself in the best position to achieve your goal. It's not about being skinny, again it's about being Healthy! Remember you also can't out exercise a bad diet. 

Ultimately there are no excuses. So get to it!~ 


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